The Historyland Difference

  • Family Owned and Operated

    Although most of the cemeteries in the greater Fredericksburg area are corporately owned, Historyland is family owned and operated and focused on the families that we serve. Unfortunately, in recent years, a trend has occurred in the cemetery world similar to one that has occurred in other industries. Most local banks, funeral homes and insurance agencies have been gobbled up by big corporate entities and publically traded companies. In the Richmond market, all of the public cemeteries have been bought out by large corporations (Service Corporation International “Dignity”) which have created a monopoly. The same dilemma exists in our area. In the Fredericksburg area, all three of the public cemeteries (Oak Hill Cemetery, Sunset Memorial Gardens and Laurel Hill Memorial Park) are owned by the same conglomerate, StoneMor. These large consolidators are publically traded corporations and have to answer to a Board of Directors and Stockholders. That is why corporately owned cemeteries are traditionally more expensive than independently/family owned cemeteries. Depending on the locality and type of burial plot/merchandise, Historyland Memorial Park is oftentimes half the cost of these larger corporate cemeteries. If your family is looking for reasonably priced casket and cremation burial options; you might want to investigate our Family Owned and Operated cemetery.

    The Storke Family.

    In 1667, William Storke was granted, by the King of England, 600 acres of land in King George County (approximately four miles from Historyland Memorial Park) and moved his family from England to this new colony in America. This was the 11th great grandfather of our current owner, David Storke. His family still lives on a portion of that original land grant and have been members of this community and have participated in the “history” of this area for hundreds of years. This pride of family history can be felt in all that we do at Historyland Memorial Park.

  • Faithful Friend Pet Cemetery

    On the northernmost portion of our cemetery is the only pet cemetery in our area. Our cemetery councilors are experienced at helping families memorialize all members of their family……. including the four-legged, furry ones. (

  • Horse Drawn Carriages

    Historyland Memorial Park is the only cemetery in the state that owns their own horse drawn conveyances. We have an original 1860 horse drawn hearse and a new horse drawn caisson similar to ones used in Arlington National Cemetery. These carriages are popular with families that enjoy a return to “olden times” or as a way to honor a veteran.

  • Historyland Bell Tower

    Located within the cemetery grounds is twenty-foot-tall, wooden bell tower. As a part of a burial service, many families are comforted by the tolling of the bell as pallbearers carry their loved ones to their final resting place.