Burial Options

Traditional Burial Spaces

There are numerous traditional in-ground burial spaces available in various gardens. These different gardens range in prices and offer casket or urn interments. (Casket burial plots start at $1,100.00 and urn burial plots start at $500.00)

Personal Family Crypts

Another exclusive option for above ground entombments, is the Personal Family Crypt. These are either one or two-person granite Mausoleums placed in a beautifully landscaped area.

Family Estates and Gardens

Family Estates are an exclusive area set aside for two or more traditional in-ground burial spaces enclosed by an arrangement of hedges. They also include a granite bench with the family name engraved on the face.

Personal Family Mausoleum

For the family desiring to leave an impressive legacy, our most exclusive offering can be designed and configured to be the final resting place of your loved one whether cremated or casketed.

Community Mausoleum

For those preferring above ground burial options, we have attractive Mausoleums in the planning stages.


Even though some families choose to use traditional burial spaces for cremains, we have several beautiful Columbaria options planned.

Children’s area – Garden of the Angels

Unfortunately, child and infant deaths occur too often. On those occasions we have areas specifically set aside for these occurrences. We offer very reasonable prices for these difficult times.